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The Best of the New: RC Car Shops

Our RC community gets bigger every day. Soon, you’ll be able to find almost any replacement part on Shapeways. Check out two awesome new RC Car shops that are setting the standard — and providing parts you won’t find anywhere else:

MC3 — Mini-Car Club of Canada

The 1/28th scale Mini-z racers have been a popular class at Shapeways for a while, with many upgrade parts available in our marketplace. One of the latest shops to join is MC3, which is short for Mini-Car Club of Canada. These guys have developed their own Mini-z based open-wheel Formula racer with a 2017 style body and wings, and realistic double wishbone front suspension, bringing back Formula racing to the Micro RC world.

If you’re interested in the realistic-looking and functional 2017 spec spoiler, you can find it hereAll parts for this conversion kit are now available at Mini-car Club of Canada’s Shapeways shop.

RC Cars

RC Cars

RC cars

*Images courtesy of


Thundershot Pit Stop

Another brand-new shop is Thundershot Pit Stop. While RC car manufacturer Tamiya has been re-releasing many of their vintage models, Tamiya Thundershot fans have been left chasing hard-to-find and brittle 30-year-old original parts to repair their beloved cars. With no re-released parts available, Shapeways user Badaboom49 has designed spare parts for the Thundershot and Terra Scorcher, often with improved geometry and extra options. Now, anyone can repair and race their car again as if it were a brand-new release.

So if you’re looking for a replacement suspension arm, you’re in the right place!

RC Car shock mount Tamiya

Tamiya Thundershot Arms & Shock Mount Combo

RC car bumper Tamiya

Tamiya Thundershot One-Piece Rear Bumper

RC Cars Tamiya

A Thundershot model featuring many of the parts for sale in the shop

RC Car Tamiya C-knuckles

Tamiya Thundershot C-Knuckles, for use with Bearings

Find all the parts shown above on the Thundershot Pit Stop Shapeways shop.

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