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Please touch my braille, braille and 3D printing

We love interesting new ways to combine data visualization with products and 3D printing such as the Weather Bracelet. We also love examples of Co-Creation such as the models on our Co-Creator Platform gallery.

When an experienced community member combines both into a great model & great concept we were in a virtual tizzy of excited chatter at the office.

Stijn van de Linden’s Braille Ring is just simply a touching gift. Stijn or Virtox as he’s known on Shapeways has been making a lot of great designs and we love this one. Stijn is in the product development stage however. He wants to order some more designs for himself and when he’s completely satisfied with the results he will offer them for sale on Shapeways. Stijn is also working on binary and morse co-creation rings, so that should be fun also.

The first to develop something for 3D printing and braille is Aaragorn however, who back in March came up with Braille dice. Others are working in Braille too someone printed brialle lables using their Makerbot. Because of all your braille inspiration & this touching 3D printing story we made a Braille theme page and will add more and more Braille objects to it as they are designed by you. At the moment we have Braille key chain, a Braille medallion and several more items on the page

We’re still looking for a Braille Rubik’s cube-type puzzle and lots more Braille creativity from you.

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