Shapeways: Passionate about creating

As every marketer knows deep down, the truth is that a brand is owned by its customers: “user-generated branding is happening whether companies want it to or not”.

We have taken that thought a step further by developing a brand that allows co-creation with you and the 3D objects you create: in our logo your 3D objects are taking center stage. They will inspire all of us every time.

Obviously, we are very conscious of the fact that your models are your personal creative expression, so we will ensure that you remain in control of your 3D designs.

We really love what we are doing and we hope that you will become passionate about Shapeways and want to be an active part of our creative community.

If you have feedback, please tell us how you feel in the forum, or drop us an email. We will listen and work hard to exceed your expectations time and time again.

Passionate about creating, indeed!


Jochem de Boer
CMO Shapeways

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