Amazingly Accurate Off-Road RC Car Wheels

Shapeways designer Gafsa Design has a shop full of incredible jewelry, gadgets, and accessories, most of them miniature versions of familiar objects. But, he recently shared a project on our forums that brings him solidly into RC car territory: amazingly realistic off-road wheels, printed in black Strong & Flexible nylon plastic:

Gafsa Design’s off-road wheels

The wheels were commissioned by a customer of Gafsa, who also shared some exciting in-progress glimpses of the Land Rover Defender 110 under construction:

The wheels post-installation, inspiration in the background

The body of the Defender

Gafsa created the wheels in SolidWorks and Rhino. Thanks for sharing these incredibly realistic off-road wheels, Gafsa! We can’t wait to see the finished product.

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  1. Gordon lardi

    Love this project and love the use of the black strong and flexible plastic in this way. I find the black strong and flexible has a great leather like appearence and have used it to resemble such in a cllection of Iwatch accesories i design. Shapeways, if you see fit i would love if you would feature any one of them. They can be found here at the link below. Thanks

  2. Henrik

    I wonder if Elasto would work well as wheels. It has a rough surface and could offer more flex than strong & flexible. Doesn’t have as fitting color though… but after few bashes I’m sure the wheels would be close to black 😉

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