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The Metal Inspiration Contest

Until the 20th of October we will have our largest contest
to date. We will have 9 winners in 3 categories. The categories are
Art, Technology & Jewelery. Submit your most inspiring and
interesting designs in any of the three categories to win $200 in 3D
printing for first place in a category, $100 for second place and $50
for third place.

This contest has more prizes than any other before! We hope that lots of you enter and show us some amazing work!

Until when can I enter?

The last day to upload an entry is the 20th of October. The contest will be
judged by a jury of community members and the winners will be announced
at Dutch Design Week on the 25th of October.

How to enter?

To enter add the tag “Metal Inspiration” to your
model and also add your model to the gallery “Metal Inspiration” when
uploading. All models have to be public. All the models in the contest are visible on the contest gallery you can find that here.

So who will be your judges?

Martin Baumers, PHD student in the economics of rapid manufacturing at Loughborough University.

Bathsheba Grossman, pioneer in 3D printing and mathematical art. Her Shapeways Shop is here, we have an interview here and her site here.

Rob Mack, 3D modeling guru/artist, toy designer and winner of several of our previous contests. His Shapeways Shop is here, an interview is here and his website here.

The model up top is Bathsheba’s Klein Bottle and bottom model is Rob’s Reclining Wink. Now get going, make something beautiful. 

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