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RC Customization Series: Lap 4 – The Finish Line!

A unique look, custom stickers, and most important, improved performance!

The wait is finally over! After months of hard work, we’ve just completed our fully customized, 3D printed Tamiya Hornet Superfly RC car. As with any good RC customization project, we ran into some bumps on the road (pun intended). Despite the delays, I’m convinced the final results are well worth the wait. Watch the video below to see the final steps needed to finish this beauty!

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Below, you can see the steps taken to create this fully customized Tamiya Hornet Superfly 2.0. While we were in the process of making this car, rumor has it that Alberto from AMPro Engineering has been working on a Version 3.0 of the Superfly. Subscribe to his YouTube channel to see what he’s developing!

What the original Tamiya Hornet looked like before Tijs’ work transformed it

We started the project with a lot of 3D printed products from AMPro Engineering

During pre-assembly, thread wires were tapped and we fitted the car together. Also, the color palette for the final car was decided.

From using traditional polished & dyed Strong & Flexible plastic for the internal car parts…

…to Tijs spending hours polishing away the unavoidable stepping caused by 3D printing.

Installation of the battery and other electrical components

We finished by adding custom vinyl stickers

To complete the new look, we bought a new set of tires and added the black suspensions. These combined with the 3D printed parts significantly improved the performance of the car, making it more reliable and predictable on the road.

As you can clearly see, the car transformed completely. While it took a lot of work, we’re sure it is totally worth it. How far have you gone in customizing your RC car? Share your story below!

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