Win a ” Meet and Greet” with our Ralph!!

Dear Shapies,

 For those who have encoutered non manifold, bad edges problems, questions about delivery or shipping status, you’ve already emailed back and forth with me. I’m the Service Customer Manager. Previously i was the Shapeways Webmaster but i’ve changed so that i can help you with any issues you can have.

 Because we are still growing rapidly as an internet start-up, and therefore receive more and more orders from around the globe (thanks for that!!), we are in need of excellent customer service. I hope to make you as happy as can be, and this is my job. Our main goal: 100% satisfied customers 😉

 But first..i will be going on holiday from 18th September till the 12th of October. OMG! Three weeks! No this was not a typo..THREE weeks, hehe 😀 Yes my boss thought it would be helpfull for me to get some new inspiration for your customer needs. That’s why he sents me of to America’s West Coast! America: ” Do not fear, Ralph is here!”

 While I’m gone you can still email service (at) shapeways (dot) com and the guys will take care of you.

Meanwhile, for inspirational issues I will be visiting San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and:

Jealous ..anyone?

But that’s not all! If you live in one of these places:

  • San Francisco
  • Monterey
  • Santa Maria
  • Los Angeles
  • Hollywood
  • Beverly Hills
  • Laughlin
  • Williams
  • Page
  • Bryce Canyon
  • Las Vegas
  • Visalia

 You can have the opportunity to meet me in person! To win a meet and greet with Ralph complete the following statement, “My life will be complete once I’ve met Ralph because…” The winner will recieve a 7.5 minute Ralph encounter and two signed portraits measuring aproximately 4.5m by 4.5m.

 I can even drop of your order myself!! Just email Joris: joris (at) shapeways (dot) com and he will arrange it. Bear in mind, the Ralph Personal Delivery Experience is not included in the free Shapeways shipping. Hope to see you soon in person! 

Cheers, Ralph



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