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What to Make for My Favorite Role-Playing Gamemaster?

This holiday season, we’re bringing you thousands of ways to Say You Made It, and this week, we’re focusing on ways to satisfy the geeky obsessions of everyone on your list — gamemasters included.

We all know who they are. They’ve nurtured you, giving you an extra saving throw whenever you were down. They watched you grow from level 1 to level 10 and choose your secondary traits. They warned you not to attack that necromancer dragon, then sent an NPC paladin to help when you inevitably did.

This holiday season is a great chance to show them that you care with some awesome pencil and paper gaming-inspired 3D printed swag, made from the heart. Here are a few of my favorites below.

Let’s start with this incredible steampunk-themed D6 die by Alea Lacta Est. Look at the way it actually uses the gears to show the numbers. Look at that immaculate detail. And, with 27 materials to choose from, you can also make this die match the aesthetic of the game (or player) you’re buying it for.

Gears Delirium by Alea Iacta Est

Gears Delirium by Alea Iacta Est

One of the coolest ways to to visualize your role-playing world is with figurines you might already have on hand. If you have some LEGO mini figures laying around, why not put them to good use and turn them into brave heroes? This set of accessories by Mingles 3D will allow you to customize any mini figure with a little paint, turning it into an adventurer.


Hero Pack by Mingles 3D: Minifigure Accessories

True story: I brought this D6 die by dice veteran Ceramic Wombat to GenCon earlier this year and people were blown away. They couldn’t believe it was real. Do the right thing and get it for your gamemaster so they can have the same experience. Make it truly personal by picking a material that matches the rest of their gear.


Labyrinthine Die6 by Made by Wombat

Do you have a gamemaster who loves to get creative? These hero figurines come in our Black High Definition Acrylate and are a blast to paint.


Fantasy RPG Heroes miniatures set by Small Ox Miniatures

Looking for more cool gifts for your favorite gamemasters? Check out the whole collection of geeky gifts here. For even more gifting inspiration for everyone from miniatures makers to interior design lovers, shop the full gift guide here.

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