De Fietsfabriek is an Amsterdam based bicycle manufacturer founded by Yalcin Chichangir & Dave Deutsch. The company has its own factory in Turkey and the bicycles are assembled in Amsterdam. The Fietsfabriek first became popular with hip and useful versions of the Dutch Bakfiets. A bakfiets is basically a heavy duty bike with a large container attached to the front of it. Bak=container, fiets=bike. In the olden days people used to use them to transport and deliver almost anything in the Netherlands but the bakfiets had long since been replaced by cars, that is until the Fietsfabriek brought them back.

Above you can see a camo color bakfiets.

I spoke with co-founder Dave Deutsch about the Fietsfabriek & personalizing bicycles. The company does not see other bicycle manufacturers as their competition, their bikes are meant to compete with cars. Indeed Dave has many examples of people getting rid of a second car after buying a bakfiets. People use the bicycles to do shopping & go to the zoo with their kids in the bak. The bikes are sturdy and you can fit a lot into them. Their customers are mainly to be found under the ecologically conscious and trendy people in major cities. They currently have ten stores in the Netherlands as well as franchise stores in Chicago & Berlin.

The Fietsfabriek got into bicycle customization & personalization because they wanted to help protect their customers from theft. A bakfiets can cost 1500 Euro’s. The Fietsfabriek had an innovative idea: we make all our own bikes anyway so how about we let people put their names on them? That way there is less of a chance that someone will steal the bikes.

Later on people requested more colors and companies started to make bikes in their colors and with their logos on them. You can also have a hand painted bike or your very own unique configuration. Customization can start for 95 Euro’s. For that money you can get a laser cut & powder coated plate mounted on the bike with your name in it. Some people are building bikes to their very own precise specifications & size. Soon you could actually visit the Fietsfabriek’s factory in Turkey and be there for the initial fabrication of your bike.  I think that the Fietsfabriek is a great company. It is rare to see a business start out nowadays that does all of its own production. Their products are very high quality and I love the fact that customization to them is a means to an end. Their bikes are above all else practical and filled with good useful design.

Above is a hand painted small bakfiets.  

This type of bike is very trendy in the Netherlands at the moment. The plastic crate on the front is an easy place to store your stuff. On the back there is a comfortable cushion for people hitching a ride on your bike. These kinds of utilitarian considerations happen if you actually use a bike as a mode of transport. 

Lets say you have twins?

This bakfiets has been specially made to transport people in a wheelchair.

A Grolsch branded bakfiets.