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5 Customizable Gifts for Unique Personalities

Fitbit goalkeeper. GoPro thrill-seeker. Imaginary horse trainer. Rare book collector. They’re your best friend, your dad, your niece, or your girlfriend. And, even if you have no idea why they love what they love, this holiday season, they deserve something better than mass-produced presents. Something that shows how well you know them. And to really take it into “treasure forever” territory, customize it! Shapeways’ Holiday Gift Guide offers thousands of ways for you to help them express themselves — including lots of amazing customizable options that will let you put their personal stamp on useful accessories they’ll love.

Here are my top five favorite customizable gifts in this year’s Holiday Gift Guide, for some of my favorite people.

1. For my niece: An ornament to remember

QED's Custom Horse Ornament

QED’s Custom Horse Ornament

She won’t always be a little girl with an imaginary horse named Pinky. But, she’ll probably pull this Custom Horse Ornament out every Christmas for years to come, because it will still be hers — with her name on it — long after Pinky is forgotten (or replaced by a real horse).

2. For my best friend: An actually stylish Fitbit cover

The Sanabelle Fitbit Flex Bracelet by Sanabelle

The Sanabelle Fitbit Flex Bracelet by Sanabelle

She’s always struggled to balance her amazing style with her obsession with fitness. And because only I understand just how real this struggle is, I’m getting her a sleek bracelet cover for her Flex, complete with her initials for that bespoke touch.

3. For my mom: A bookmark she won’t lose

The Bookmark Monogram by Studio Elisabeth

The Bookmark Monogram by Studio Elisabeth

First editions of Steinbeck novels are her jam. But she’s so prone to losing bookmarks that old receipts are usually stuffed between their pricey covers to mark her place. It’s about time she had a bookmark worthy of her passion for literature, with her initial, so no one else can claim it. Plus, I plan to print a few extras, so she’ll always have another one to find when she next loses hers.

4. For my dad: A custom GoPro lens cap

Lens Cover for GoPro by 3Dprintingdog

Lens Cover for GoPro by 3Dprintingdog

He loves to collect electronics, and his GoPro is his favorite gadget ever. But, all those cameras and stereo systems and TVs he’s loved over the years have never had his personal stamp on them. This custom GoPro cap will finally add a touch of personality to his standard-issue equipment (while reminding him of his favorite — ok, only — daughter).

5. For my uncle, the Patagonian trekker: A Llama planter

The Llama Planter by Pearthq

The Llama Planter by Pearthq

When he’s not scaling the peaks of Patagonia, my uncle is obsessed with collecting little items that remind him of the people, places, and things he loves most. Combining the animal native to his favorite destination with a clever succulent planter, the Llama Planter is that unusual combination of things that make it a strangely perfect gift. I’ll add the name of his favorite trail to make it just-for-him.

Find more custom holiday gifting options here, and options for every unique personality on your list in this week’s Express Yourself Gift Guide. Plus, check out all our holiday gifting ideas in this year’s Holiday Gift Guide. Who are you buying customized gifts for? Let us know in the comments!

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