Introducing: Nikki, the newest Shapeways team member

Hi everyone,
Some of you have maybe already met me via the service (at) shapeways mail but I haven’t had the
chance yet to formally introduce myself. I’m Nikki, and I’ve been here
to help the rest of the Shapeways team since the beginning of June this
year. My job is to make all of your lives a little bit easier. I chase
down your orders, answer questions about them and help you make your
models printable. I also help with the administration & planning of
orders and shipments. 

I’m still a student, studying Advertising, Marketing &
Communications in Amsterdam. In September I will start my 4th year,
hopefully I will graduate next summer. I love to design in 2D using Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. I am learning to make illustrations and I make a lot of posters, flyers and logos. When I grow up, I want to work on the creative side of marketing. At Shapeways I hope to learn some 3D modeling and get more involved with the Shapeways site & brand. I recently moved to Eindhoven. I love dance music and go to a lot of parties such as Lowlands. I also love the Internet(love to read blog posts, not write them).

I’m very happy to be here at Shapeways and look forward to seeing all your emails, questions and designs!          


  1. Michael Williams

    Wow, my vote is to replace the Joris videos with Nikki videos (no offense Joris). One question though, with your photoshop skills, why do you have red eye in your pic? lol.

    1. Joris

      I am deeply offended and vow to go to the gym.

    2. Michael Williams

      Awww poor Joris. Sorry but no amount of Gym time can give you that smile.

  2. Mitchell Jetten

    hehehe, i agree Michael,, no offense Joris,
    but like we say in dutch “het oog wil ook wat (vrouwelijks)”

    Thanx for helping me out with the problems i had Nikki!


  3. Nikki

    Haha thanks guys!
    Yeah I know, bad huh, I stille have to remove the red eyes. But I don’t have Photoshop here! ;-)

  4. Rob Parthoens

    Do you have Office there?
    Microsoft office picture manager has a red-eye removal tool or you can download the GIMP or, they are both free software. Or that online photoshop thing (don’t expect to much of it)

    Succes bij Shapeways :)

  5. mike stanley

    I used Picasa to remove red-eyes from about 450 family photos for a friend. My family is all dark-eyed, so we don’t have that problem…. Picasa is free from mls ‘;)

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