Metal 3D Printed: minotaur, wire ring and wrapped ring

We got some more photos of some of the models we displayed at SIGRGAPH, the metal 3D Printed: minotaur, wire ring, wrapped ring and Bowie the bunny. Thousands enjoyed touching these models and we think they really illustrate what is possible now.

The Wrapped ring model is not a finger ring per se as it is much larger, more of a too small bracelet. 

The Wire ring is a finger ring, it costs less than $11 including shipping so shows you how affordable you can make things in Stainless Steel. You can see the definition of the printing process clearly in this close up photo.

The minataur is a piece for a boardgame. It is 3.9 CMs high and costs $39 including shipping.   


  1. Rob Parthoens

    So where is my Bowie the bunny model that you printed? :)
    I want to see it :)
    I love the texture they have to them.


    Rob ‘creator of Bowie the bunny’

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