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The Illuminating 3D Printed Decor of Jelle de Vries

Jelle de Vries has captured something special about our white nylon plastic material. Created from a fine powder, it’s the perfect material to diffuse and soften light. And he’s turned that discovery into a gorgeous line of modern pendant and table lamps.

3d printed lamp home decor

Pinhole #3 lamp by Studio Jelle

The pieces he creates as Studio Jelle seem to glow even when switched off. And the texture of these Pinhole Lamps recall a motif that was huge in midcentury modern decor: basket-weave, or caning. Up close, however, the 21st-century difference is clear: there’s no braided grass here. It’s a single piece of laser-sintered nylon. The resulting fixtures remain perfectly contemporary and minimal while giving off a warm, diffuse light. The effect is playful and futuristic — with a nod to the pre-digital past.

3D printed lamp home decor

Pinhole #4 by Studio Jelle

The material he used is a favorite among our home decor and accessories designers for its strength, flexibility, resilience — and slight translucence. What will you make with it?

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