Shapeways is looking for an experienced graphic designer

We’re looking for an experienced Designer for Shapeways in
Eindhoven. I know many of you from all over will be interested but we
can not offer relocation or “work from home” for this position. So this
job opening is for people in the Eindhoven area only (sorry). 

are an experienced designer in the Eindhoven area that has mad
Photoshop, Illustrator & inDesign skills complemented with Flash
and some 3D modeling experience, we’re looking for you. Come check out
the job listing on the jobs page.

need someone that can both do the design work and work with our team to
develop new Creators and the overall look and feel of Shapeways.

Do you want to help determine what the future of co-creation and 3D printing look like? Join us.

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  1. Heinrich Stiller

    Hi there,
    no i am not from Eindhoven, i am from Germany, but i was dreaming of leaving Germany for quite some time now, and since the described job looks a lot like what i am made for, i decided to try it anyway.
    I am working as graphic artist for more than 20 years, and did from layouts for books and magazines, websites, info graphics, illustrations, comics and of course a lot 3d. You can see some of my work on the following two websites:

    The works here are mostly form the illustration side of my work, but after all, they give you an idea of the level of quality you can expect from my work.
    I also did a lot of tutorials in the past, wrote a couple of books for german publishers, and in my spare time am working currently on a book on Blender.
    It would be most apprechiated if you could consider my application as well. If you want to ask questions, or maybe want to do a job interview (one never knows) you may contact me anytime trough these phone numbers:

    Tel.: ++49 (0)6183 9210424
    Mobil: ++49 (0)0176 96177854

    Or by mail:

    Best regards,
    Heiner Stiller

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