Here at Shapeways we are big fans of Open Source Hardware because it makes it easier for people to collaborate on inspiring 3D printable things.  That’s why, as part of Open Source Hardware Month we are happy to join with the NYU Law Technology Law & Policy Clinic, Kickstarter, Fat Cat Fab Lab and the Open Source Hardware Association to host the New York Documentation Night.

Documentation Night is an opportunity for the community to take some time to document some of the projects we have been working on.  This makes it easier for others to learn from them, as well as build upon them going forward.  Participating in Documentation Night will help you unlock the cool stuff you’ve been working on for the rest of the community and register for the official Open Source Hardware certification program.  We’ll also be able to share best practices from some leading open source hardware documenters.

Documentation Night will be October 25th at Fat Cat Fab Lab from 5:30pm to 9pm.  While everyone is welcome at this free event, we do ask you to RSVP in advance here.  And if this sounds like fun but you can’t make it to NYC, check out this page with other Documentation Nights in your area.   If there isn’t one already planned near you, you can even host your own.