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The Bonzai3D & Shapeways Dream home contest

We have a great contest for you this month. We’re doing this contest together with AutoDesSys the makers of Bonzai3D. The contest will run from August 4th until September 4th. The theme for the contest is “make your dream home or anything in it.” So this is a contest for architects and aspiring product designers. What kind of dream items would be in your dream home? What would your dream home look like? 

We really upped the ante in prizes also this time. Together with AutoDesSys we’re giving away:

$300 in 3D printing and Form.Z RenderZone Plus(Prize valued at $1800) for the first placed winner.

$200 in 3D printing and Bonzai3D($700) for the second placed winner.

$100 in 3D printing and a Bonzai T-shirt(priceless!) for the third placed winner.  

You can enter by using Bonzai 3D to make your model. You can download the free trial version of it here. The tag you add to your model is: b3d. The competing models will be added to this gallery page. AutoDesSys management will together with Shapeways decide which model is the best “dream home” or dream item for in a dream home.  

Have fun guys!  

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