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3D printed HP Lovecraft bust

Heinrich Stiller, Heiner2 on Shapeways, has made a great HP Lovecraft bust. He has two versions a 12 CM ($17) one and a 15CM one ($33). I think he really captures the famous horror writer well, but you can judge for yourself by comparing the 3D printed bust with pictures of HP Lovecraft here.

A 3D printed bust of a horror writer who died in 1937. These are uses of the technology that I don’t think anyone could have come up with. In addition to Heinrich’s bust we also have more HP Lovecraft things on Shapeways.

Kristoffer Bakken, Bakkendance on Shapeways, has a Cthulhu Head, a Cthulhu statue and a Cthulhu statue with wings on Shapeways. If we manage to find more Lovecraft enthusiasts who are 3D modelers we will be well on our way to reinforcing our market domminance in 3D printed horror writer memorabilia.     

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