Space Claim, 3D printing batteries & it has all been done before

SolidSmack has a great post about Space Claim, a company that is bringing multi-touch to CAD. You must see the video. They have a second post with an interview with a Space Claim Co-founder. 

Fabbaloo had a post a while back on 3D printing batteries. I simply can not believe that I missed it! That was kind of the missing link to my “make your own ipod” project. Circuits are possible and this means that your electronics are the housing. If you can then spread a battery out over the circuit/housing you could see some real fun with changing designs & form factors.

While the first two posts are all about dreaming of the future Replicator takes us into the past. With two 60′s desktop manufacturing tools that allowed kids to make toys.


  1. Michael Williams

    Well you all on that side of the pond have been printing circuitry on paper for a few years now. I don’t know why anyone would waste the resources to build an Ipod when they can build the same thing paper thin. Kind of funny, in one discussion we were talking about 4D printing with the Klein bottle, and in this I am looking forward to what 2D printing can do. Imagine loading your paper into your printer and print out a video player. Instead of using Magenta and Yellow use Printable metals and PLED. Electronics we want small and Transportable. 2D is the future. But to the batteries, I saw one printed on the one printer project that they want to make a robot that can reproduce its self. Reprap I think.

    1. Joris Peels

      Thats sweet! electronics are cool. Paper circuits would change a lot of things. imagine recycling your mobile phone.


    1. Joris

      The printing people is a ways off I’m afraid. We’re playing around a bit with organs but its just so messy.

  2. Josh

    Hey Joris! thanks! there’s some cool tech going on in the 3D CAD world for sure.

    @Micheal – I saw some 3D Urns in the shape of the person’s face that were being sold. Kinda creepy huh. I imagine it would be a while before shapeways would be printing out body parts. ;)

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