Stylus Creator live!

We loved Extrudedqwerty‘s(Stephen Yurkevitch) Stylus designs, so together with 16 year old Stephen we decided to launch a Stylus Creator. Choose a design you like, type in your initials and you can get your very own 3D printed customized stylus.

You can pick from Stainless Steel 3D printed styli or White, Strong & Flexible printed styli. The Stainless Steele styli are $29.95(including shipping) and the White, Strong & Flexible styli are $9.50. You can also get a set of three White, Strong & Flexible styli for $25.

You can check out the Stylus Creator here.


  1. Walter Sharrow

    That’s pretty cool…. kinda makes me wonder though why I can’t get any of my jewelery items printed in Steel. Still waiting to be approved. :[

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