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Model Train Clears the Way

Railroad Snow Plow - Zscale

We are always thrilled when our Shopowners and and their buyers collaborate.  Stonysmith recently shared this incredible project  by David Wolf in our forums.  So, how did this train become so incredible exactly? David inserted a controllable motor into a Z Scale Model Railroad Train engine to let the snowplow spin in a realistic way.

Stony notes “Here is some incredible modeling. This is the kind of thing where I declare that I am just making the canvas, and it takes a real artist to turn it into artwork.”

Railroad Snow Plow - Zscale

By StonySmith / David Wolf

Check out the video below for this plow in action, and the original thread, which details the process David followed to assemble the 3D printed parts.



We are continuously inspired by the way our community collaborates and hope to share more stories like Stony’s soon.  Have you partnered with another maker to create something phenomenal?  We want to know about it!  Email

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