Building a toaster

Thomas Thwaites is attempting to build a toaster. “I’m trying to build a toaster, from scratch – beginning by mining the
raw materials and ending with a product that Argos sells for only
£3.99. A toaster.” 

I have no words on how completely awesome this is. Increasing complexity in technology divorces us from the things around us. Complexity means that we can not understand, repair and tinker with the everyday objects that surround us. A toaster is one of the simplest electronic devices we have but to reduce the entire supply and manufacturing chain to one single person is a huge feat.

You can see videos of Thomas finding iron ore and trying to smelt it using a leafblower and later a microwave here.

via Kottke.


  1. Michael Williams

    Yes but will his toaster automatically start making my coffee hot and fresh at 7:30?

  2. George Bell

    Pretty cool. But aren’t most toasters mostly plastic these days? Is it cheating to use Shapeways?

    He could also save time by building a fire and toasting over the coals!

    1. Milena

      I am definitely with you on the fire idea! Very pragmatic…

    2. Joris

      Does that mean we can buy the toaster?

    3. Milena

      No, but we can build a fire…

  3. Shapeways Blog

    Thomas Thwaites is trying to build a toaster from scratch, by hand, by himself. As I tried to explain in the previous post I think that this is just about the coolest art project ever. Luckily for us he thinks Shapeways is, "totally great, bringi

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