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What Happened on Alpe d’Huez Last Month?

A few weeks ago we announced our collaboration with Marjolein and team as they embarked on their challenge of climbing the Alpe d’Huez.  We’d like to share few snapshots from the event, which took place in June, and tell you a little more about how those involved made it happen by charting unfamiliar territory and uniting through a shared sense of purpose.

Team WilMarion

From left to right: Thijs, Imma, Jos, Marion, Marjolein, Lucien.

So what happened exactly? Marjolein tells a bit how she is experiencing the ride:

And catch a full recap of the ride here:

The outcome?  The entire team raised over € 18,000, and the six of them in total climbed the Alpe d’Huez an impressive 16 times!  If you watch the video carefully,  you can see the entire team is carrying two specific Ribbon shaped accessories with them. The items were designed for Marjolein and her team to show our solidarity in their cause against cancer. While the items were made exclusively for this event, you can own them too to support the cause! The Ribbon Pin and the Ribbon Bottlecage can be bought in our Shapeways Ribbons shop through the end of July. Per sale € 5,- will be donated to Pink Ribbon to support their research on breast cancer.

Ribbon Pin

Ribbon Bottlecage

A list of all 3D Printed products used during the event at Alpe d’Huez can be found here.