New 3D Printing and Modeling Class for Kids

Kids are our future. And that’s why we at Shapeways strongly support enriching young minds with Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math—otherwise known as STE(A)M. 

As part of the STE(A)M initiative, we’ve partnered with Youth Digital, a company who provides online technology classes for kids, to offer the 3D Printing & Modeling 1 class.

Through this class, kids will learn:

  • The basics of popular 3D modeling software Blender
  • How to create a robot from scratch and bring it to life through 3D printing

Learning to model robots is great way for kids to get the hang of 3D modeling. And since the course is just three parts (about 20 minutes each), they shouldn’t have a problem staying focused. 
The class is designed for kids ages 8 to 14, but really anyone can learn from it! So whether you want to keep the kids busy, enrich their minds, or even use this as a creative bonding experience while you learn alongside them, this is an awesome class to check out. 
You can get an introduction to this course with three lessons on our tutorials page and if you’re interested in the full 12-part course with Youth Digital, they’re offering Shapies a 30% discount through July. Just use code: Shapeways30 when you sign up here!
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