On June 18 the White House hosted its first ever Maker Faire, as part of the first National Day of Making. Susan Taing, Shapeways shopowner and founder of bhold, was there as an Honored Maker and I caught up with her about her experience. She also shared more about her time at the White House on the bhold blog

What did it mean to you to be part of this event?

It’s immensely inspiring to see our government be so forward-thinking. It meant a great deal to me to see President Obama following through on his initial words spoken back in February 2013 during his State of the Union Address, by personally hosting the White House Maker Faire, declaring June 18th the National Day of Making and announcing programs to support all of us. I’ve believed in the potential of the maker movement and the 3D printing industry for a while now, but having the President himself deliver this message is something you usually only dream of. 

I was ecstatic to be invited as Honored Maker, out of 100 invited makers representing 25 states, and loved feeling the usual hyper-curious, positive and supportive Maker Faire vibe at the White House itself!

What was one experience from the Faire that motivated, inspired or impressed you? 

I love seeing young, motivated makers making amazing things. There were a number of fearless students there who are already working towards their dreams. For example, Qtechknow is an educational startup that helps anyone learn electronics and was started by 10-year-old Quin Etnyre! I absolutely loved seeing this. 

What does it mean to you to be part of the “maker” movement now that the President endorsed it? 

I believe it means that the bhold team and I need to keep on doing what we have been doing , but now I can say that the President backs what we do!