Sparks Across America Main

Sparks Across America Main

Today we ignite our 2016 Sparks Across America, Sparks Across the World celebration to recognize the magnitude and diversity of our maker community. Shapeways is honored and proud to be the platform that enables new frontiers of creativity.  By giving everyone access to state-of-the-art 3D printing technology, we enable makers to bring their ideas into the physical world.

Throughout July we will spotlight makers in our community across the U.S. and in August widen that spotlight to encompass the globe. Each maker has a different story of inspiration and we’re excited to share those stories and the amazing diversity of their creations– from art and 14K  Gold jewelry to Aluminum drone accessories and Acrylic miniature scale trains to wearable tech accessories in Strong and Flexible Nylon.

Not only is the Shapeways community creating across the U.S., but what they’re creating is being manufactured right here in the U.S., in New York City, because digital manufacturing is local manufacturing.

Our maker culture is a contemporary culture representing a technology-based extension of the DIY movement. It intersects with hacker culture and revels in the creation of new art, games, inventions and accessories that enhance our personal passions.  We took our community’s interest to heart and built Shapeways to comprehensively support their creativity with digital manufacturing and a global marketplace to share and sell their products.  Today thousands of products are made daily by our talented community, and each day this month we’ll be sharing a new product and the “spark” that ignited the maker who created it.

Here are the first ten makers we are thrilled to spotlight:



Enjoy the wide variety of creativity the Shapeways Community brings to life every day.  Join us and explore all their products on the Shapeways Marketplace, the world’s largest maker community by clicking here to see our Sparks Across America map.  You don’t have to be an engineer or product designer to get started.  While we work with all major 3D modeling software, we also provide newbies with ways to bring their creativity to the physical world. Customize a product in the marketplace, use one of our easy creators, or even partner with one of the community members in our Designers for Hire program.

What spark of creativity inspires you?  We would love to know and help you bring it to life. Happy Making!