If you’re going to land your DJI drone on water to get that great shot of a shark this summer, you’re going to have to choose the right landing mechanism for the type of shark.  Don’t worry, we can help you pick the right one.

Shortfin Mako Shark: The Mako is the fastest shark in the wild so you know you’re going to have to land just right if you want to get a close up picture. That’s why we recommend outfitting your landing gear with these babies, they’re perfect for a quick landing.

source: Mark Conlin, SWFSC Large Pelagics Program - http://swfsc.noaa.gov/ImageGallery/Default.aspx?moid=532

source: Mark Conlin, SWFSC Large Pelagics

Basking Shark: The Basking shark is absolutely huge; its the second largest shark in the world. Imagine the incredible footage your drone could get of this guy just below the waves. To land on top of this shark you’ll want to keep your drone nice and steady on the surface of the water, hence the wider floatation devices. This landing gear can provide additional stability in the wake of the basking shark’s big waves.


Greg Skomal / NOAA Fisheries Service

Spotted Eagle Ray: Okay, you caught us. This is a not a shark. But as we’re sure you know, rays and sharks are cousins of the Elasmobranchii suborder of cartilaginous fish and since there isn’t a “Ray Week” and this folding Nautilus DJI landing gear just screamed, “land on a ray not a shark,” we figured we’d slip it in.

john norton - originally posted to Flickr as Eagle Ray

john norton – originally posted to Flickr as Eagle Ray

If you’re looking for even more drone landing gear, check out our drones section of the marketplace.  Shark jokes aside, these great designs are part of our Search and Rescue Design Contest with DJI. If you want to join the contest and help change the face of search and rescue, check out the contest.