National Day of Making: Shapeways Shop Owner Stories of Inspiration

The second part of our #NationOfMakers celebration series are inspiring snippets and fun examples of Shop Owners on Shapeways.

Our #NationOfMakers knows no borders; exists without expectation or judgement; only the promise of an adventurous product design platform where creatives come to collaborate. In this spirit, we celebrate with stories from around the globe. 

Shapeways Stats at a Glance:

  • 70% of Shapeways Shop Owners Spent Less Than $100 to Open their Shapeways Shop
  • 94% of Shapeways Shop Owners Spent Less Than $1000 to Open their Shapeways Shop
  • 70% of Shapeways Shop Owners are Self-Taught 3D Modelers
  • 50% of Shapeways Shop Owners are First-Time Entrepreneurs

There are many successful business models on Shapeways. The majority of Shop Owners on the 3D printing platform fall into one of the following categories:
I: Designers now liberated from the design constraints of traditional manufacturing (form, time to market etc.)
II: Designers creating products that meet the needs of those not currently served by conventional consumer brands
III: Entrepreneurs pairing with 3D modelers to create collections or apps for the first time
IV: Self-taught 3D modelers embarking on a completely new career path
What makes Shapeways entrepreneurs different?
They are creatives unsatisfied by other manufacturing and fabrication options on the market, elevated by their ability to 3D model, and their passion for it.

What Shapeways Shop Owners are saying about their Shops today:

“I’m a stay-at-home mom and Shapeways is a great way to add to our income.” – Aviva Fort, SKAZM

“Running a Shapeways store is helping me to save up for a life-changing surgery that I’ve needed for years.” – Serin Evelyn Jameson, E = M Models and Props

“I can create my catalog without a large initial investment.”Matthew Amey

“I love to travel and live abroad. It’s costly, both financially and emotionally, to start over again in a new country with just a couple suitcases and a resume. Shapeways gives me support and confidence on both fronts.” – Michelle Green, Sloris

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