Dice sets for DMs and GMs

Saturday, March 4 is International GMs’ day, when we celebrate the game masters, dungeon masters, referees, and storytellers. Of course, a dungeon or game master is nothing without her dice. One roll can make or break a game, deciding whether a character defeats a dragon or gets roasted to cinders by it. You can’t trust these matters of fate to just any dice. You need a set with character.


1. For the prickliest of GMs, we recommend the Thorn Dice Set by CeramicWombat. Though they look sharp, the maker says they won’t scratch tables.

Twined Dice Set by Tiny Tokens

2. The ‘Twined’ Dice Gaming Die Set in steel by Tiny Tokens has been crafted to ensure that each die is “fair and well-balanced” for unbiased throws.


3. For those who prefer a lighter-weight die, Figurebang D20 Bone Dice are made “from the littlest finger bones of only the luckiest elven children.” Well, not really, actually they are 3D printed in white plastic with a smooth white finish, ready for hand painting if you prefer.

With dice like these, you’re practically guaranteed to come out the victor. Want to see more? Check out dice crafted by makers from all over the world.

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