Shapeways Small Business Spotlight: Corinne Hansen

In honor of Shapeways’ commitment to makers and empowering small business owners, this week we are featuring Shapeways shop owners on the blog discussing how they started, and are growing, their business with Shapeways. In her Sorhain shop, Corinne Hansen designs 3D props, jewelry and more.

What prompted you to open your Shop on Shapeways?

After graduating from college last year, I wanted to put my 3D modeling skills to use right away. I started designing, and opened my shop soon after. Most of my current products are designed to be costume props and accessories. This stems from my love of anime, video games, film and media that I have been passionate about since childhood. I also offer a few artistic jewelry and sculptural designs that I focused on in college. In addition I create original designs based on customer specifications.
How has having a Shop on Shapeways affected your life?
My small business is continuing to grow each month, though right now all earnings go back into my business to purchase 3D prints and fund new products. It is a part time job for me, but maybe one day it will grow to my full time job. In college, I learned to work with metals, ceramics and many other materials. However, to work with these materials, it is important to have safe facilities and equipment. I hope to acquire this space for my small business in the future, so I can expand the products I can offer. It is my plan to continue offering costume accessories but also to further develop my line of jewelry and artistic designs. 

What is your favorite part of having your Shop on Shapeways?

My favorite things about my shop on Shapeways is that I can easily connect to other 3D printing enthusiasts, and the sense of community is very strong. If you ever have any questions, or just want to keep up to date on technology, the main blog and forums have a wealth of information. It is also very easy to operate a Shapeways shop since there are many materials to choose from and no listing fees until you actually sell products. Also, Shapeways has wonderful customer service that will work with shop owners to ensure customers are receiving the best products possible.

What was it like to make your first sale on Shapeways?

It was exciting! After selling my first few prints, I realized that starting a small business might actually be possible. I definitely started small, focusing mostly on pendant and earring sized products, but I have slowly been able to offer larger and custom accessories. It is an absolute joy to work with Shapeways, and I hope we can continue to grow together long into the future.

You can visit Corinne Hansen’s shop on Shapeways here.  

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