Designer Spotlight: Masaharu Ono

This weeks Designer Spotlight, we introduce Masaharu Ono. A Japanese industrial designer who is translating his 3D modeling talents into awesome jewelry and household items.  

Tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you? Where are you located?

I am an industrial designer from Tokyo.

What’s the story behind your designs? What inspires you?
I do believe that 3D printing makes it possible for us to express the shapes that we were not able to make before, by making footages or pictures. Videos and pictures have always been my inspiration for 3D printing designs, and I love searching for things that can be turned into 3D from videos and pictures. My motto when working on 3D designs is to create something that is ridiculous yet attractive, that no one has ever thought of.
What brought you to 3D printing with Shapeways?
I found Shapeways when I was net surfing.
How did you learn how to design in 3D?
I preferred 3DCG over sketching when I was studying design back in the college, so I learned how to design in 3D by myself beginning when I was a college student. Regarding the information, I tend to gather from various 3DCG communities, due to the fact that most communities are in English, I do struggle a lot. (English is hard!)
How do you promote your work?
There is a similar 3D printing service in Japan, and my works are also exhibited there. Unfortunately, 3D printing services are not as big in Japan. Hopefully 3D printing will be more well-recognized in near future.
Who are your favorite designers or artists? Who in the Shapeways community has served as an inspiration to you?
I like all 3D designers on Shapeways and I have to say that all artworks on Shapeways are inspirations to me.
If you weren’t limited by current technologies, what would you want to make using 3D printing?
Definitely chairs. Chairs have always been the best expression for the designs of that time.


  • Awesome designs, somewhat similar look but still experimental
  • Great photography
  • Experimentation with a variety of materials

Thank you for the interview all the way from Tokyo! Don’t forget to check out the whole shop, UTB. To be featured, email aimee @ shapeways.com!

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