Eyebeam Computational Fashion Master Class – NYC

Image: 3D printed garment by Sabina Sagadiyeva printed with Shapeways.

Photo Credit: Amber De Vos for Patrick McMullan

Shapeways and Eyebeam are pleased to announce the first ever Computational Fashion Master Class to be held at NYU Polytechnic in NYC. In this ten-day intensive workshop, selected participants will learn, experiment, and collaboratively create work that interrogates the emerging modes of digital textiles modeled directly on the body.

The masterclass will run from July 18-27th, 2014. 

Participants will gain proficiency in a range of tools and methods crucial to both current commercial and artistic practices. The program will provide an overview of software and programming environments that include Processing, Maya, Rhino, and Z-Brush, as well as instruction in 3D printing and digital fabrication processes. Participants will apply their skills to the collaborative creation and production of printed wearables that will be presented publicly at the conclusion of the course.

The Master Class is hosted by Eyebeam and Shapeways and will be facilitated by leading professionals from the field of digital fabrication and fashion design.

Instructors and Mentors include:

Ryan Kittleson, digital artist and sculptor

Casey Rehm, designer and algorithmic consultant

Bradley Rothenberg, architect and designer

Sabine Seymour, designer and researcher

Lauren Slowik, Designer Evangelist at Shapeways

Arthur Young-Spivey, industrial designer and digital fabrication specialist

Head to Eyebeam’s website for more details here


  1. Anonymous

    Given it costs over $2000, I’d like to know what exactly does this course teach? Is 3D modeling skills required? What level of proficiency is necessary? What is the difference between this and numerous other introduction to 3D modeling/printing workshop beside the price tag? What is the “computational part” of the course? Do I need to know how to write code? What programming language should I be familiar with?

    Does the tuition cover the cost of printing our work or we need to pay separately for that? How much do I get paid if Shapeways or Eyebeam use my work for marketing purposes?

    1. Anonymous

      I’m afraid that this course seems to be poorly planned. What if I register now and find out later the course is too advanced or too basic for me? It’s like signing up for a martial art class not knowing you will learn basic punches or how to do a tornado kick while being blindfolded.

    2. LaurenEDU

      Paul Amitai, whose email is posted above, can answer further questions and help you decide if you’d like to apply.

    3. Anonymous

      Why aren’t these information available to public? Wouldn’t it help your customers make better decisions? If Paul knows the answers, please ask him to post them.

  2. Anonymous

    “It’s like signing up for a martial art class not knowing you will learn basic punches or how to do a tornado kick while being blindfolded.”

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