3D scanning the Phantom 4

In preparing for our search and rescue 3D printing design contest with DJI, we wanted to remove every possible roadblock for designers to help save lives. We decided to scan the new DJI Phantom 4 and make it available for download so you don’t have to own one to participate in making your ideas a reality.

3D scanning the Phantom 4

 One of the biggest challenges to designing functional parts–like search and rescue modifications for the Phantom 4–is making sure everything is measured correctly. Measuring by hand with calipers and a ruler can be time consuming, and if the object has complex curves it can further complicate things. 3D scanning helps reduce these limitations.

By scanning the object you get an accurate representation of the part and can import it directly into your 3D program of choice as a base template. And as we’re doing here, the scan can also be widely distributed via the web, enabling people all over the world to work on something without needing the physical object itself.


To see how the 3D scan was made using a Faro machine, check out the video below.

Learn more about our search and rescue design contest.

Download the 3D scanned template for the Phantom 4 here.