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Our Shops now have 3D printed Stainless Steel

From now on you can buy Stainless Steel Polished 3D printed models from the Shops. Check out the gallery here.

The models are 3D printed in Stainless Steel, then infused with bronze and later polished. We think it is amazing that we can offer this to you right now.

There are however a few caveats: the models will take 21 working days to be delivered, the finishing is a bit more organic/handmade looking than steel objects that you have seen before. We can also currently do this only for the models in this gallery. Because this process is so new, we have to check each model by hand first before putting it in the gallery. 

If you have a Shapeways Shop you can email newmaterials (at) shapeways (dot) com with the link to your model and your username and we will get right to checking them.

Having said that this is truly some exciting stuff. 3D printing itself has been around for a bit(10-20 years) but this is really really new in comparison. More importantly the price we’ve got for you of $10 per cubic centimeter makes it very cost effective. You can now order and buy a unique item that is 3D printed in metal for $5, $10, $20. 

Each one of the Rings above costs $7 including shipping. Madox has several more great examples in the gallery also.You know how in the first year DVD players were a $1000, and Blue Ray players were like that too, yeah we kind of skipped that step with this technology.

The bead above is $5, including shipping and it fits the common “bead bracelet” systems! So for some items we are becoming price competitive with retail stores. 

Reclining wink above for example is $20. $20 for a 4-4-2.5 CM model that is printed in Steel.

We hope you guys enjoy the gallery and this exciting new step!

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