Intel to Create Open Source 3D Printed Robot Kit

Intel demoed “Jimmy,” a “smartphone with legs,” their latest robot, customized and created from their new open source 3D printed robot kit at the Code Conference this week. This exciting announcement is a profound and inspiring move to increase participation in the robotics space. Intel is selling kits of the internal electronic and mechanical components (yet to be cost effectively 3D Printed), and they are offering the 3D printable hardware designs free online. Any Shapie, or individual with access to a 3D Printer will be able to print their own robot and have access to their social robotics platform to customize its form and function as they please.

The kits will start at around $1,600 and Intel hopes to get number below $1,000 by 2019. Users can build apps and run the open source robots off any software they please. The kits along with online designs and an app marketplace will eventually be available on 21stCenturyRobot.com, in the meantime, it’s an entertaining blog about the project.

Shapeways is very excited to hear about this enabling new Intel endeavor and look forward to the undoubtedly incredible robots our community makes with these kits. The ability to customize every piece of the robot leverage our over 40 material offerings means that this game changing play in the robotics space can not only be highly function, but also beautiful in form. 

If you are interested in working with the Shapeways community to build one of these robots, please reach out to Community@Shapeways.com. 

What features would your dream robot have? What would it be programmed to do? What would it look like? 

We would love to hear your thoughts and are very excited for the robots to come.  

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