How I Made video: #icant Personalized Necklace

#icant personalized 3D printed pendant

Follow along with our merchandizer Aimee in this 2 minute tutorial. Aimee shows you her process for designing a custom pendant using nothing more than a pen, a piece of paper, a camera phone and our 2D to 3D creator app.

Try for yourself with the 2D to 3D creator app here and a tutorial: How to use the 2D to 3D converter app. We’ll be seeking more entries to the series How I Made so if you’ve got an idea for a short video add it in the comments or contact education [at] shapeways [dot] com. Happy making!

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  1. Kristen Carter

    Hello! I think this is so awesome and I think I may have an idea that could have the potential to be something really awesome. I am currently a summer representative for a company called Serengetee which is an organization that goes around the world, collects fabrics to use as pockets and other clothing accents and each fabric is paired up with a different charity. There are dozens of charities that donated to, including a wide span of main focuses, such as poverty, animals, environment awareness, etc. So, my idea is that because Serengetee’s main theme is “Wear The World” and I’m required to do a project as a representative, it would be really cool to team up with Shapeways to not only bring awareness to code and 3D printing, but also this awesome group I’m involved with. If you’re interested, or have any further ideas, please email me and let me know; I think this could be really great! Thanks!

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