Enter the Shapeways “Love in 3D” Wedding Contest

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Enter the Shapeways “Love in 3D” Wedding Contest… to win $1,500 for your unique wedding!

Calling all soon-to-be newlyweds! Do you have an inspiring love story that you want to share? Want your special day to be as unique as your romantic tale? 
Shapeways invites you to enter the “Love in 3D” Wedding Contest and tell us what makes your wedding worthy of some Shapeways 3D printed love.
One lucky couple will win $1,500 in Shapeways credit to make your wedding as unique as your romance—and 3D printed just for you. Work with a designer to make custom wedding rings, order 3D printed gifts for your guests, or even get a personalized wedding cake topper! 

How To Enter

  1. Create a Pinterest Board titled “Shapeways Wedding Board”
  2. Pin at least 10 wedding-themed pictures:

       -Five of which must be Shapeways items

       -One item should be in the style of a wedding ring you like

       -Tag each pin with #ShapewaysWedding

  1. Fill out this Shapeways Google form, making sure to include:

       -A description of why your love story is unique

       -A link to your Shapeways Wedding Board on Pinterest

Save the Date: The Shapeways Wedding Contest closes on June 27 at 11:59pm EST

Selection Process

The winner will be selected by the Shapeways Team based on the following criteria:

  • Uniqueness of the love story
  • Minimum of 10 tagged pins on the participant’s Shapeways Pinterest Board
  • Inclusion of at least five Shapeways wedding-themed products on the Pinterest Board
  • Inclusion of at least one image of a wedding ring on the Pinterest Board
  • Creativity of all items

Winners will be announced within seven business days of the close of the contest. Check out the Shapeways 3D Printed Wedding board for inspiration. Best of luck to everyone and congratulations on your engagements!

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  1. Vicky

    I’m jealous of this contest. I wish it was around when I got married in 2010. : )

    1. Willow

      Maybe Shapeways will allow renewal of vows? Anyone who manages to stay married in this day and age and wants to re-marry the SAME partner, deserves a fair shake, in my humble opinion. :-)

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