Grazie, Italia
We’ve just returned to our home base from our visit to Trieste, Italy. We’re still busy processing all the creativity we have seen, the cool and easy going people we met and the impressive, innovative ideas they’re working on.

We have a longstanding relationship with Trieste, as our own 3D Printing Engineer Sara studied there and recently gave a few talks on 3D printing there. When we heard Trieste was hosting a Mini MakerFaire we decided the time had come to visit. Trieste is located in the North-East of Italy, close by to Slovenia, Croatia and Austria, so it’s a great crossing place for many Shapies to connect.

We were able to do a little of sightseeing before we hosted our Meetup at Romi Kaffeehaus PanOsteria on Friday. It started a little late, but as they say, “When in Italy, do as the Italians do (con calma).” Everyone had a great time and of course we stayed longer than originally planned. Among the attendees were a few groups whom also were going to exhibit at the Trieste Mini Maker Faire the day after, so it was really cool to meet everyone and hear about each other’s projects in advance. After the Meetup we were invited by Stefania Quaini to visit her own Impact Hub where they provide workspace for organizations who work on positive social and environmental impact projects.

On Saturday we headed to the International Centre for Theoretical Physics where the first Trieste Mini Maker Faire was being held. When we arrived at our booth, we got the pleasant surprise that Davide & Manuela from Lumifold, who we had met at our Meetup, were our direct neighbors. We were joined in our booth by our awesome shipowners Symbiont, Wonderworld3D, Bielestele and the soon-to-be-opened shop of Coraline Jewels. All of them were doing completely different things so make sure you check their shops out!

A fun detail is that the Trieste Mini Maker Faire actually was planning to have only 30 exhibitors. The event ended up being much more successful with over 100 exhibitors, and over 4000 visitors on just one day. Clearly, the maker community in Italy and the area of Austria, Slovenia and Croatia is about to explode, so if you’re from the area and ready to start working on your own business make sure to connect.
We would also like to express our deepest gratitude to Simone Paternich and Romina Beltramini for introducing us to all the interesting people we met the past couple of days, Emanuele Cicconi, and of course our local hero Fabio Bonini for helping us out with everything during the weekend. We are hoping to return to Trieste soon!
Later this week we’ll announce the upcoming events in Europe for next month, so stay tuned!
Ryan & Ruud