Two very useful plugins were recently released by Pixologic. Decimation Master can reduce the polygon count in your model to manageable proportions (remember we have a 500,000 polygon limit per model here at Shapeways). 3DPrint Exporter allows you to correctly size and export your model to STL or VRML, both of which formats are accepted by Shapeways.

Both plugins are free and come fully documented. At the moment of writing, they are Windows-only. A Mac version should be coming soon, according to the website.

3DPrint Exporter

  • Export in STL, Binary and Ascii.
  • Export in VRML.
  • Size in Inches and millimeters.
  • Export the current or all the SubTools.

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Decimation Master

  • High quality optimization with accuracy details.
  • Two different optimizations for a better control of the result.
  • Optimization based on the polypainting information
  • Support of Masks for details protection.
  • Border protections.
  • Support of the symmetry and partial symmetry.
  • Optimization of your UVs for exporting models for 3D Color printing


  • Export all SubTool as one OBJ file
  • Clone all SubTools

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