Shapeways unveils new 3D printed CNBC logo

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This morning our very own CEO, Peter Weijmarshausen, unveiled the logo for a new CNBC show. Squawk Alley, which films at the New York Stock Exchange, will “focus on the intersection of Wall Street and technology” replacing the third hour of “Squawk on the Street.”

Peter was the first in-person guest on the show, where he had the honor of introducing the logo, which was 3D printed by Shapeways and will be a permanent fixture on the set.

Shapeways worked with designer and Shapeways community member Ryan Kittleson and the CNBC team to create the logo’s 3D design. The file was uploaded to, and 3D printed in our full color sandstone material, all in one piece.

Peter talked with the hosts, Carl Quintanilla, Kayla Tausche, and Jon Fortt, about the 3D printing process, the health of the business, and some cool products that are coming through the printers.
To see the entire segment, click here.
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  1. Duann

    Congrats Ryan, Great work Pete.

  2. Chris White

    What printer was that produced on?

    1. mkroeker

      Given that the material is shapewaysÄ FCS (“full color sandstone” – actually inkjet-colored gypsum bonded by superglue), it must be a Zcorp (now 3DSystems) “ZPrinter” model, probably the ZPrinter 650.

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