Shapeways Small Business Spotlight: Gabriel Prero

To celebrate National Small Business Week and the creative entrepreneurship of the Shapeways community, we are sharing stories from Shapeways shop owners about their experience making and selling products 3D printed products on Shapeways. Now up, Gabriel Prero, an industrial designer based in Chicago, Illinois, who creates custom cufflinks for his Shapeways shop Cufflink Junkie

What prompted you to open your Shop on Shapeways?

I started making cufflinks for myself, and figured maybe other people would like the ones I made for myself. So I started the shop with 2 pairs. And it’s grown since then.
How has having a Shop on Shapeways affected your life?
No doubt, the extra cash has been nice, but overall it’s given me a new avenue to create and iterate, which is key for me as a designer.

What is your favorite part of having your Shop on Shapeways?
I really enjoy when people find my cufflinks and they just click with them. They appreciate the humor, or love the detail of custom pairs I do. People can be really nice, and the genuine feedback from customers and the Shapeways community is great.
What was it like to make your first sale on Shapeways?
Awesome! As an Industrial Designer, I design a lot of items that never see the light of day, and many of those that do die in the market for any number of reasons. When I got that first sale it was like “HOLY CRAP someone else likes what I made enough to pay money for it!”
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