New Shop Owner Tool: Pricing

You have finished your design, uploaded it to Shapeways and put it up for sale. Now it is time to set your prices. Pricing is a key part of product merchandising, but we often hear from shop owners that it is challenging to choose the “right price.” Today, we are making changes to help on this front. 

When it comes to choosing the right price, there are many factors to consider outside of base price and markup. These can include: What type of product am I selling? Who is my ideal customer? What’s the value to my customers? The right price will resonate with your audience in the same way that descriptions, photos, and videos do. And that means you could improve your sales.  

The best way to do this is to always think about the prices your customers will see. With the new pricing tool, you will find the following changes to make the experience simpler and more efficient: 

  • Dedicated space for pricing, with a cleaner interface
  • Ability to edit prices for multiple materials at once
  • Emphasis on editing total prices
  • Customized tips to help with pricing

Shop Owners in European countries will also find the following changes:

  • Price entry in USD, while viewing both USD and EUR prices 
  • Prices displayed with VAT

We’re excited to share these changes with you today. Improving our pricing tool is just one of the many steps we’re taking to provide you with a great Shop Owner experience. 

If you’re interested in helping to test other shop owner improvements, please reach out to our Community team at And as always, we welcome your feedback either here in this blog or in the forums.

Notes for advanced users:
The CSV Wizard will be changing, and the current APIs will still be supported. Please check out our forum post for more details. 


  1. fernando sosa

    i was in the middle of uploading a bunch of models and the ability to change pricing disappeared..

  2. Woody64

    There are some important steps missing:

    Make all items of the group sellable/not sellable: that’s the most used function when adding an item

    Define a common markup: i,e. when you take a look at the precious material. if you set a common end price that will result in much to high rates for premium silver.
    With that it would also be possible to reset the end price to the costs. When you have started to enter the prices (and maybe are on the wrong way) I haven’t seen any possibility to switch back.

  3. Arthur

    Nice – I like the suggested price range

    Could there be a option to put a markup fee for model download as well?

  4. Natalia

    Woody64 – I like your idea of the “select all” function but we wanted to make sure designers thought through the decision to sell in every material, especially, as you say, that you may want a different markup for silver than brass.

    Arthur – we have no way to charge for download right now, but that’s an interesting suggestion!

    Thank you both!

  5. 3rdboxcar

    Awesome, in fact awesome is not enough, I sell most of my models to the US so I am constantly converting Euro’s to Dollars and back to pounds since our daft country would not have the Euro.

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