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Have a great idea for a product or a new, improved version of one that already exists? If so, here’s your chance to bring your idea to life. And there’s no more efficient way to do so than iterating your design with a desktop 3D printer and sending it to Shapeways to make the final product.
That’s why we’re so excited to have partnered with Formlabs to bring you this game-changing contest. So you can introduce your product to the world. 
From now until Monday, June 30, enter to win a Formlabs 3D printer and enough 3D printing credit at Shapeways to take your ideas from prototype to product.
Winning entries will receive:
  • Grand Prize: Formlabs 3D Printer and $500 worth of 3D Printing with Shapeways
  • First Prize: (2 winners) – $150 in Shapeways printing credit 
  • Second Prize: (4 winners) – $50 in Shapeways printing credit 
  • Every entrant receives $10 in Shapeways 3D printing credit

All entrants receive $10 in Shapeways printing credit! 
 Get all the juicy details here.
What are you waiting for? Start designing. 
And good luck to everyone!
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  1. Joy Complex

    This is awesome! This might just be the kick in the but I need to get started on a design I’ve been envisioning for a while.

  2. fernando sosa

    What is the minimum thickness this printer would take.. i know strong and flexible models need to be .7 mm thick..

    can we go thinner than that here?
    PS: I would do unspeakable things for this 3d printer

    1. Will

      Hi Fernando,

      For a strong wall, 5 mm wall thickness is a good rule of thumb on the Form 1. At 3 mm you get a slight flex in items and at 1 mm the walls become much less structural. I’ve seen walls as thin as 0.5 mm turn out, but they’re susceptible to failure at that point.

      We’re really excited to see what you make!


  3. 3by3D

    Shapeways + Formlabs = killer combo! Thanks for offering this contest, y’all. Can’t wait to get started.

  4. Sam Booker

    Can I have moving parts, like a gear or chain?

  5. Glenn

    This link “Get all the juicy details here.” only takes you to the page where a contestant uploads their model – there is no contest info…

    1. EleanorW

      Hi, Glenn.
      Just scroll down on the page – you’ll find more contest details. Thanks!

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