Shapeways Small Business Spotlight: Serin Evelyn Jameson

To celebrate National Small Business Week and the creative entrepreneurship of the Shapeways community, we are sharing stories from Shapeways shop owners about their experience making and selling products 3D printed products on Shapeways. Now up, Serin Evelyn Jameson, who is based in Melbourne, Australia and creates science and science fiction-inspired props, models and fan art in her shop E = M Models and Props.  

What prompted you to open your Shop on Shapeways?

The very notion of being able to spread my models out across the world was probably the original spark of excitement for me. Being a science fiction modeler I see many mass produced items, so doing something new and exciting for my customers was probably the second spark. Knowing that there are but a handful of my models on Earth at this moment is just an amazing feeling.
How has having a Shop on Shapeways affected your life?
Running a Shapeways store is helping me to save up for a life changing surgery that I’ve needed for years. I was born with a vocal defect and have mostly been unable to squirrel away enough money to be able to contribute to a fund, so Shapeways have opened a whole new door in that regard. It’s also helped me start a prop making company, which has been super fun to work on here at home with my own printer and the funds earned at Shapeways.

What is your favorite part of having your Shop on Shapeways?

Certainly the idea that so few people yet so many diverse nationalities have in their hands one or two of my designs. The end-game for printing in my mind is the creation of a whole new industrial revolution. A change that might lead to the famous Star Trek Replicator or new unimagined technologies. Having my store on Shapeways has allowed me to be a part of that future and it feels amazing.
What was it like to make your first sale on Shapeways?
Running around the house screaming for joy? Pretty much. In addition, the realization that it was actually possible to make a dollar or two doing something that you love. But, beyond lingual interpretation, perhaps interpretive dance will do?
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