Shapeways Small Business Spotlight: Aviva Fort

To celebrate National Small Business Week and the creative entrepreneurship of the Shapeways community, we are sharing stories from Shapeways shop owners about their experience making and selling products 3D printed products on Shapeways. Now up, Aviva Fort, a stay at home mom from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who runs the Skazm shop on Shapeways. 

What prompted you to open your Shop on Shapeways?

I was excited about the prospect of having merchandise I created up for sale without having to spring for material fees or deal with shipping issues.

How has having a Shop on Shapeways affected your life?

I like being able to make some money on the side, but this summer, when my almost 3 year old goes to camp I plan to be putting a lot more into the shop.  I’m a stay-at-home mom with another baby as well, and Shapeways is a great way to add to our income.  While I could always work to increase sales, the exposure I got by being a finalist in one of your contests helped. I am going to be putting up many more designs very soon.  

What is your favorite part of having your Shop on Shapeways?
Knowing I am involved with an awesome community that is growing and part of something that’s going to make an indelible footprint on history – 3D printed, of course.
What was it like to make your first sale on Shapeways?

Awesome!  I wished I’d had put more of a premium on the item

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