Designer Spotlight: Morgan Seiler

This week we’re happy to introduce Morgan Seiler! The soon-to-be NYU graduate takes time off learning bioethics and neuroscience to create some pretty amazing creatures. Morgan’s shop, Wondercat, is her own version of a toy chest – with products moving straight from imagination to the palm of her hand, the whimsical characters will be sure to charm and delight you. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you? Where are you located?

I’m a student who’s about to graduate from NYU with a BA in Neuroscience & Bioethics. Figurine design seems like a complete departure from that, but it’s not totally unrelated! I’m interested in applying psychology thinking to design. I got my first gig, interning for NYC-based Just Solutions, with a portfolio populated almost entirely by my work on Shapeways.

What’s the story behind your designs? What inspires you?

I grew up with stationary and stickers from San-x. I decided that one day I would design characters that make other people smile as much as those ones do. However, I wasn’t content to just stick with the kawaii aesthetic… which is how I ended up with characters like the chubby, grumpy, Snack Rabbit.

What brought you to 3D printing with Shapeways?

I wasn’t very good at sculpting with clay, so the moment 3D printing became more accessible I started looking into my options. Shapeways seemed the most cost-effective and user friendly. I might also have been swayed by the cute bunny model used to display the materials options. 

How did you learn how to design in 3D?

I never learned to prevent or embrace the fingerprints my hands left on clay, so when I stumbled across Sculptris I was relieved! From then on it was all self-teaching and experimentation.

How do you promote your work?

I don’t. I heard that I should. 

Who are your favorite designers or artists?Who in the Shapeways community has served as an inspiration to you?

Spectoys! I’d never considered 3D modeling until I saw his work. And then, when I asked him what program he used, he was nice enough to tell me!

If you weren’t limited by current technologies, what would you want to make using 3D printing?

Stuffed animals!!!! If I never had to worry about making patterns and could just use .OBJs, I would be so happy.


  • Great photography
  • Similar designs/”branding”
  • Fun banner 

Thanks so much for the great interview, Morgan. We can’t wait to see what else you come up with! Check out the full family of creatures in Morgan’s shop here. To be featured, email aimee @ shapeways.com. 

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