Friday Finds + Kickstarters: Oinky the Whimsical Piggy Bank

This week, our Friday Finds feature is a two-for-one, Friday Finds + Kickstarter! Oinky is a 3D printed piggy bank that makes saving your pennies fun. All the intricate patterns make for the perfect marriage of 3D printing with an everyday object made interesting with great design.

Designer Octavio used our “Print it Anyway” option to test the color and polishing, which was essential to achieving minimal production costs. What’s a piggy bank that breaks the bank, anyways? Shapeways 3D printing engineers were able to send many different iterations of models, which is a unique service provided by us. “It shows how your flexibility helped me resolve problems arising from the production of a particularly complex model,” says Octavio. Wins all around! Here are some of our favorites:



Designer Octavio Asensio created fun variations of designs for the banks that are inspired by things one might save up for. The end results are pretty amazing! Available in many colors and patterns, you have plenty of Oinky options to choose from. The Oinky Kickstarter campaign is happening now with 3 days left to go. Help support Octavio and Shapeways!


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