Selective Laser Sintering Powder

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This evening I’ll be going home to Amsterdam from Eindhoven. I asked Elena, who is in charge of our supply chain, to give me a sample of our White, Strong & Flexible material to take home with me so I could see if I could dye it while it is in its powdered form.  This is what I find on my desk this morning:

I now have a Kilo of fine white powder in a Ziplock bag, and I’m going to be taking it to Amsterdam.This should end well.

I can totally see it now: “Yes, officer this is a polyamide powder used for 3D printing. A lot like Nylon. 3D printing? You could use this powder to make anything, anything at all. How much does it cost? $1.68 per cubic centimeter. Yes, it is cheap. We really want to make this as cheap as possible so everyone can use Shapeways. Well, the Selective Laser Sintering process….Officer, what are you doing, officer?”

Spread the word & wish me luck:


  1. Tõnis Liivamägi

    Whar a wonderful idea!
    Pre dyeing!
    Just heat up a 30 litres of hot water, put in a pack of RIT black and dye! 20Kg of black powder in 5 minutes.
    Now if only the drying procedure and physeochemical properties would be all right…
    — At least black would be easy to do this way but only if the laser still sees and sinters it.


  2. WiKKiD Widgets


    Oh man, that was funny.

    If you get busted, gimme a call, I’ll bail ya out. :)


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