Our New Look & Feel Puts You Front & Center

Today, we’re rolling out a new look to our site that brings more focus to you, your products and your shop.

You make amazing products come to life with 3D printing at Shapeways. Visually, we want the spotlight to shine on you. Our new look adds more space and clarity to the layouts, and brings the focus on products. Your images really stand out now! The amazing products and their stories created by the Shapeways community guide the shopping experience from here on out.

Structurally, we’re introducing a new Sell tab to the top navigation. When Shop Owners visit, we see that over 80% of the time they go directly to manage their shop. This new space is dedicated to simplify the selling experience and help Shop Owners run successful businesses on Shapeways. While many of the tools remain familiar, today you’ll already find new shop owner tutorials. If you’re one of the many Shapeways Shop Owners, we hope you enjoy the improved access to these tools.

Like all of our efforts at Shapeways, the look and seller tools remain under constant improvement. There’s so much more working on, but we’re happy to share this with you today.

The spotlight is now on you. We can’t to wait see all the beautiful ways you present and share your products.