Yes, you can 3D print the ideal engagement ring or wedding band, and we have the perfect selection of precious metals to choose from. Our portfolio includes some of the highest quality materials you can find, including Gold and Platinum.


Why 3D print your engagement or wedding ring? It’s no secret that these precious metals are some of the most expensive on the market – but when you 3D print with Shapeways, you’re the designer. Which means that you can forgo the markup cost that comes along with big name brands, and you can focus on the item that is specially made for you and your loved one.

We’ve deciphered some of the best things about our precious metals collection to help you pick the right material for your wedding ring.

3D Printed Platinum, 18 Karat Gold, Rose & White Gold

If your love is strong, beautiful and precious, than Platinum is the material for you. Known for its incredible strength and sparkle, platinum is a unique, high-quality engagement or wedding ring material that will be as everlasting as the love you share with your partner.

Celebrate the softer side of yourself with a Gold engagement or wedding ring.  You can either stick with tradition with our 14K and 18K Gold, or select a more contemporary gold material, such as White or Rose Gold.

We recommend: Prototype your design in detail plastics and then silver before taking the platinum plunge. In gold, consider printing your proof-of-concept in brass, bronze, or our plated precious metals.

We also have Precious Plated materials, such as 14K, 18K, Rhodium and Rose gold. While these are not the best selection for your engagement ring or wedding band as they can tarnish or chip with constant, every day wear, they are a great choice for limited wear items, such as hair clips and matching accessories for your special day.

Precious Plated 3D Printed Wedding Accessories by Collected Edition

Got an idea you’d like made in Gold or Platinum? You can reach out to our networkd of Designers For Hire to help bring your idea to life.

We’ve pulled some of our favorite high quality Gold and Platinum products to give you some inspiration.