3D Printing Shoes with New Balance (VIDEO)

Check out this sexy video from New Balance showing the process of 3D printing their shoes using the exact same 3D printer you have access to through Shapeways.

By giving anyone access to the exact same machines, materials and post processes, Shapeways gives everybody to prototype and create products with the same material qualities as the biggest brands in the world, with access to the best technology.  Where companies such as New Balance need to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to access these 3D printers, in this instance laser sintered Nylon using an EOS 3D printer, the same as in our factories in NYC and Eindhoven. These 3D printers are just a mouse click away with no investment on your part.

New Balance 3D Print Shoe Shapeways

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  1. Giselle

    This technology would indeed boost the sales of the shoe industry. I believe this is an investment that shoe stores should avail. 🙂

  2. Fruity

    3-D printers are truly amazing. Imagine when they become available to everybody. There’s going be some crazy creations.

  3. Richard Ronnie

    3D printers are really an amazing thing the way they work with such a super fine smoothness, it really makes me his fan,.

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